System Features

System Setup

To set up the system all you need to do is set your temperature

That temperature is what the system works towards achieving in your home. Once a temperature is selected you can turn on the system on.

It will automatically detect what mode it should be in.

Venting Mode

When the panel temperature is too low to warm the house, the system will automatically slow the fan speed down. This will remain the benefits of positive pressure state for the home, reducing moisture and condensation while minimising unnecessary cooling.

On days the panel cannot achieve your set temperate by itself, any existing heaters such as heat pumps will be more effective, as your home will be dry throughout.

A dry home is much easier to heat than a damp one.

Heating Mode

The system will automatically switch to Heating Mode when the panel temperature is higher than both your set and home temperature.

This mode allows you harness the suns free energy.

Purge Mode

Using this mode will switch all fans to maximum speed, removing the home of any unwanted smells or contaminated air.

This mode is perfect for if you burn your toast, or painting inside.

It will automatically run for an hour, and can be switched off at any time by pressing the purge button a second time.

Temperature History

Pressing the “Trend Screen” allows you to view a graph of panel and house temperature against your choosing of time frame.