How it Works

If a home already has a ventilation system, then in most cases we are able to attach our Solar Pro Panel to the existing fan unit in the roof cavity.

Doing this allows us to add free solar energy to the air before it is pushed into the home. With well over 200,000 ventilation systems in NZ homes, there is no shortage of homeowners wanting to retrofit our panels. The main complaint we get from these customers is that their existing ventilation system blows down cold air in the cooler months. Our Solar Pro Panels are the perfect solution to the problem.

The Solar Pro Panel is a very simple, highly effective means of gathering free energy from the sun, converting that energy to heat, and transferring that heat to air being pulled through the panel. This heated air is then filtered and pushed down into each room in the home. A great deal of research and development has gone into the design to ensure maximum efficiency.

The testing process included a number of year-long trials in houses in some of the coldest, dampest places in Southland. Satisfied with its performance in the harsh south, we then launched the product across the South Island. It all started out in a shed, like any great kiwi invention. And due to massive demand the sheds have just been getting bigger and bigger!

How it works

  • The┬áheat produced by the solar panels is pushed down into the home through the ventilation system, resulting in sustainable, affordable heating.
  • Solar Pro offers all the benefits of a traditional ventilation system with the added benefits of solar boosted heating and cooling no matter the season.
  • The solar panels maximize the suns free energy by absorbing light and converting it into heat.